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1868 St Luke's Church.jpg
proved unpopular as Baptists require their people to be immersed! It is recorded that Mr William Ker said to his wife Mrs Anna Maria Ker “build the English Church” a large order, but she was delighted by the challenge.
There were many gifts and each £100 that was raised was matched by a like amount of £100 from State Aid. Although assisted by her sister, friends and neighbours, it took another six years of fundraising before the building of the present St Luke's Church was commenced. It was completed four months later for a cost of £600 plus £200 for essential furnishings.  Thanks to the State Aid contribution of the £ for £ support, St Luke’s Church of England was opened free of debt in 1868.  Furnishings of the Church were completed by the generosity of E S Purcell and family, who gave the font, the lectern, lamps, prayer desk, carpeting and fencing.
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